Osteria del tempo perso a true Italian Story

L'Osteria del Tempo Perso

The first Osteria (means Tavern or Inn) del tempo perso opened in Rome in Ardeatina street in 1861. Many poems and songs were dedicated to this name as it became a piece of Italian history.

Today this ancient name belongs to the Iacobelli family. Mother Sabrina and her sons Marco and Matteo in the year 2003 brought back this ancient way of naming taverns and rediscovered manners and recipes of ancient times. With special attention for the raw material, the healthiness of our dishes, respect for our clients and a few simple rules of the Mediterranean diet.

The time and the flavours of our land are there for you and it is an honor for us to present them to you. A piece of Italian history happened in this kind of place. So this name is part of the Italian life style. People sat around a table with good food and good wine, they sang and made decisions for their future.

Welcome to the real Italian history and thanks to your visit and your curiosity we can continue to write this story. Each evening in the Osteria del tempo perso is different than the one before.

Momenti del tempo perso

Di seguito alcuni momenti dei nostri clienti possati nel nostro locale. Aggingi anche la tua!

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